Power Washing Stucco

Stucco lends a southwestern air to your home, but power washing stucco can take that charm away unless done right. For all of its charm, stucco is fragile. Its texture can be easily hurt by power washing. But in spite of not needing paint, these walls do require cleaning every so often to keep them bright.

One concern when using stucco as a wall covering is its texture. This surface lets dirt, grime, and dust to collect and dull the finish. Power washing stucco removes this build-up and refreshes the beauty of the siding.

Power washing stucco requires care and preparation. With this, it can be a good, effective, and efficient way to restore the original charm. Many people hesitate to try to clean their stucco walls because they think the covering will crumble when it gets wet and that it’s too porous to keep clean. Both of these myths are wrong. Using proper preparation, stucco can be cleaned very well.

First, make sure there are no cracks of chips in the stucco. Water can seep into cracks and eventually damage the entire wall. Fill in cracks and chips, giving them a sufficient time to dry, usually a week, before power washing stucco.

Next, wet down and cover all vegetation around the area to be washed. Disconnect electrical power in the specific area to be cleaned and close windows and doors.

Use low pressure water on the power washer. Better to use too little pressure in the beginning and increase as needed than to use too much and damage the wall.

Divide the area to be cleaned into sections. Keep a sufficient distance between the nozzle of the power washer and the wall. Start from the bottom and work to the top of each section fairly fast so the detergent doesn’t dry. Use even, side-to-side motions in washing.

When you finish a section, rinse from top to bottom, going side-to-side in motion.

Always be careful around windows, doors, corners, and trim when power washing stucco. It’s usually most delicate in those areas.

To prevent damage to your stucco walls, you may want an expert to do the cleaning for you. For the best power washing services in your area, contact Elite Pressure Washing at 603-828-8299. They are trained and experienced in pressure washing just about anything around your home. Call today.