Deck Restoration

When your deck starts looking old, moldy, or just plain weathered. Give Elite Pressure Washing a call. Before you start sanding down the entire deck, or get quotes to replace it, let our professionals show you how simple treatments can bring your deck back to life. A cleaning will not only remove the mold and dirt, but it will clean deep into the pores of the wood without damaging the surface. This process will stop the interior rot of the wood allowing new stain or paint to adhere and protect your deck for years to come.

Newer style trek decking still needs cleaning. With a similar process we can safely clean the surface, restoring the boards to its original shine without you getting down on your hands an knees and scrubbing for an entire weekend.

Take your weekends back, and call Elite Pressure Washing!

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This deck had not been treated in 25 years!
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