Power Washing Brick Homes

Power washing brick homes is a good way to restore them to their “like new” look. However, there are some possible issues involved when doing this.

Not only are brick homes likely to last for a long time, they are beautiful, as well. Bricks are strong and durable, designed to last for years. But they’re vulnerable to the elements. Sun, dust, rain, snow, mold, mildew, smoke, and other factors can build up over time and dull the look of bricks. Left alone, these elements can not only cause your brick home to look less appealing, they can also damage the bricks themselves.

Power washing brick homes can remove these damaging elements and make you home “shine”.
You must remember, though, that bricks are porous. That means they not only soak up the things mentioned above that can lead to damage, but also the water and cleaners you use when power washing brick homes.

So, even though power washing is a safe way to clean brick homes, there are some cautions to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to patch up cracks or holes in the mortar joints between the bricks and let them dry thoroughly. Cracked mortar can chip off during the power washing and leave your home looking less attractive than before the washing. Also, these chips may become dangerous to you if you’re doing the washing. If they fly into your eye, they can cause very significant damage. A few days to a week are needed to let these repairs dry before you start washing.

Another caution when power washing brick homes is to use the right pressure in the power washing machine. You don’t need really high pressure to clean the bricks.

Also, it’s a good idea to test the pressure you intend to use on an inconspicuous place on the home. This way, you can make any adjustments in water pressure before you take on the whole house.

When you’re washing, wet down the entire wall with plain water before using any detergent. As mentioned before, bricks are porous. You don’t want them soaking up the detergent; therefore, wet the brick with water first.

As you’re power washing, work from the bottom to the top. This will prevent streaking. Always keep the surface wet.

Finally, rinse well, gently.

At times when power washing brick homes, there will be some white powder come to the surface of the brick. This is called efflorescence. The powder is a kind of salt that isn’t bound to the bricks. Not damaging, not pretty. Use an efflorescence remover that you apply with a brush.

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