Gutter Cleaning

With the change of seasons, and the fall foliage being a tourist attraction, we know the leaves can be a pain. Not just raking, but clogging up your gutters which leads to water issues. Not just with rain. Throughout the winter as the snow melts off of your roof, if your gutters have not been cleaned, the water will freeze inside the gutters promoting ice dams.

Thousands of homes are effected every winter by ice dams. The ice lifts the shingles and allows for water to get inside your home and damaging your walls. This is a costly fix for the home owner. In most cases, people have to get on their roof and start hammering away the ice. With our hot water machine, we can safely and effectively remove the ice melting it completely away without ruining your shingles. Many people have to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Call Elite first. For a fraction of the cost we can save the inside of your home, by eliminating the problem from the outside. Contact us and let’s talk about Gutter Cleaning.