Pressure Washing Your Roof

Many people say pressure washing your roof is just a fast way to destroy it. This pertains mostly to composition roofs, those made of asphalt shingles. And there is merit to what they say.

When shingles are laid on the roof, there is a correct way to do it. Done right, a seal is made between one layer of shingles and the overlapping one. This seal keeps rain out of your house. There is a protective granular surface on these shingles that keeps damaging material and sun from destroying them. Asphalt shingles are soft, relative speaking. These granules keep them durable.

There are those roofing contractors who believe pressure washing your roof shortens the life of the shingles. If someone who doesn’t have experience with roof systems and pressure washing systems is doing it, they’re right. Regulating the pressure of the water is essential to appropriate pressure washing, as is the right angle of the spray head.

An inexperienced operator can wash away the protective granules and break the seal between the shingles when pressure washing your roof. But using low pressure and taking care in the washing will likely not cause any more granule loss than a normal rain.

Keep in mind some manufacturers have exclusions in their warranties regarding any kind of what they call aggressive cleaning of your roof surface. This is one way to void the warranty.

Also, you need to know breaking the seal between your shingles may lead to them being lost under a wind load in a storm. The seal makes your roof wind resistant.

In some areas of the country, moss on the roof can be at least an eyesore. Removing that moss is one reason some homeowners choose to pressure wash their roof. But, once again, knowing how to use the pressure wash equipment for this type of cleaning is important. Too much pressure and the wrong angle on the washing head may remove more than the moss.

You always want a professional when pressure washing your roof. To prevent damage to your roof, you may want an expert to do the cleaning for you. For the best power washing services in your area, contact Elite Pressure Washing at 603-828-8299. They are trained and experienced in pressure washing just about anything around your home. Call today.