Power Washing Log Homes

Power washing log homes is becoming more common. Log homes seem to be making a comeback in popularity. They look like very little maintenance is required to keep them like new. That’s not necessarily the case.

Mildew, mold, dirt, pollen, and UV rays all take a toll on exterior logs. Power washing log homes may be the quickest and least expensive way to clean these away.

Some people believe power washing log homes damages the wood. This doesn’t appear to be true, especially if you’re careful or have a professional do the cleaning.

One factor in whether power washing log homes damages them is the distance of the tip of the power washer from the wood. Too close leads to “fuzzing” of the wood and possibly forcing water into the home. Too far away, and the effect is too little to be effective in cleaning. It appears that 12 inches may be the optimum range for the best effect.

When power washing log homes, don’t hold the spray in one place; keep it moving along the grain of the wood. Start the spray away from the wood and move it onto the structure. Move the tip quickly past corners, windows, and doors and between logs. These are the places where water could be forced through into the house itself.

Newer logs are harder and can handle more aggressive washing. Older logs that have been in the sun for years are generally softer and require a lower pound per square inch setting.

Power washing log homes keeps them looking clean and fresh. It can be used to strip off stains and prepare the logs for new stains. You may have to apply a stripper or cleaner first, then use the power wash to rinse off the residue.

Depending on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and the condition of the logs on the house, stain can be applied fairly soon. Possibly as early as a day after power washing. In a few cases, maybe as soon as the same day. It’s important not to get in a hurry to apply stain after power washing log homes.

Log homes are beautiful. They require periodic maintenance to keep them looking nice. At times, power washing log homes is needed due to the buildup of mildew and mold. Care is needed to do this right.
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