Power Washing Your Deck

Your deck is part of your home’s interior that extends outside. Like it or not, people will judge you based on how clean you keep your deck. If it’s clean and inviting, many people will think better of you. On the other hand, if it is stained and mold has grown in spots, they will probably stay away.

Fair? No, it isn’t. But it is human nature.

So, if you have a deck, it’s important for you to keep it clean. This can be tedious and a labor-intensive job. Regular cleaning is required whether your deck is wood or composite.

Thus, power washing your deck may be an option.

But there are some cautions. To begin, the water pressure you use is important. Too little, and your deck doesn’t look clean. Too much, and you have lap marks on your deck at the very least. With too much water pressure, you can damage the wood on your deck and actually leave more places for mold to grow later.

Less is more when you’re power washing your deck. The cleaner you use should be what takes off the mold and other contaminates, not the water pressure.

It’s important to know the degree of angle of the water coming out of the tip of the power washer when you’re power washing your deck. This is the degree of “fan” of the water. A zero fan is a solid stream of water. Don’t use this on your deck! Anywhere from 40 to 60 degrees of fan is best for your deck.
Sweep the fan across your deck from the house outward. Be consistent so you don’t leave lap marks. You want to remove the dirt, stains, and mold from the deck without leaving any trace of the pressurized water.

There are a lot of terrible stories of what can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re power washing your deck. Your power washer can turn into a power etcher. The best result when this happens is your deck needing serious and very involved sanding. The worst is a completely ruined deck that must be replaced.

Both of these outcomes can be expensive.

For the best outcome when you’re power washing your deck, have a professional do it.

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