Power Washing Cautions

Once you decide to do the job, there are some power washing cautions you need to keep in mind. Power washing is wonderful for cleaning away the layers of grime that accumulate on surfaces around your home. It can also be dangerous. Thus, these cautions.

Protect yourself. Water is forced out of the power washer at a very high rate of speed. This makes it a force to be reckoned with. During the power washing process, small particles can be knocked off surfaces and fly around. Be sure to wear protective eye goggles; don’t take the chance that some of these particles might fly into your eye. Some professionals wear masks that cover their entire faces. Long sleeves are also a good idea.

Check the distance between the tip of the power washer and the surface you’re cleaning. Some surfaces may require more distance from tip of the power washer than others. Holding the tip of the power washer too close could cause significant damage to some surfaces. You might want to start farther away and work in closer as a gauge for this distance.

Another of these power washing cautions is: Don’t power wash windows. Possibly the least you can do is crack the windows. More likely, you’ll break them or destroy any weather stripping around them.

Never point your power washer at animals or other people. We all remember how much fun it is to spray others with a garden hose and how much they enjoy it. No one will enjoy being sprayed by a power washer. Permanent, painful injury can result.

Keep your own hands and feet away from the stream of water. Just like the power washer will strip away the grime and grit from surfaces, it will strip away the skin from your body as well.

Keep the spray at least 6 feet away from electric wires and boxes. Spraying these fixtures can result in painful and even fatal electric shock.

Another of these power washing cautions you may not think of is: Don’t power wash from a ladder. The power washing unit has a kickback and could knock you off the ladder. For surfaces out of reach, use an extension wand.

Professionals know and observe these power washing cautions. If you choose to have a pro do your power washing, keep Elite Pressure Washing at 603-828-8299 in mind. They are trained and experienced in pressure washing just about anything around your home. Call today.