Indoor Power Washing

There may be times you want to try indoor power washing to do things around the house. Power washers are good for removing old paint from walls in preparation for re-painting. There also may be areas in your garage or basement where the floors have heavy stains. Indoor power washing can remove these stains very efficiently. You may want to bring your patio furniture inside during the winter months to clean them.

When using any power washing tools, safety is your highest concern. This becomes especially vital when you do any indoor power washing. The space will be more constricted, with more things that could be damaged or destroyed by the stream from a power washer.

So, careful planning and preparation are very important.

Be sure to wear protective clothing. Especially wear goggles for eye protection. Cover electrical outlets and take any material that could burn or could be hazardous out of the area where you’re working.

Don’t let the power washer idle with no water running through it. The running water cools the pump mechanism. The washer will overheat if left idling.

Be sure to check the amount of water pressure you use when you’re indoor power washing. You don’t want to damage the surface you’re cleaning by using too much water pressure. The nozzles on power washers are marked in degrees, with zero being most powerful. Start with the lowest power (the highest number on the nozzle) and work up from that.

You’ll also have to have a way to get rid of the excess water you use when doing indoor power washing.

A shop wet vac may be able to handle most of it. But if you have a bigger job that uses more water, figure out some way to deal with the excess water. You’ll need to understand your local regulations that deal with disposal of wastewater into storm drains.

Electrical power washers may be your best choice for indoor power washing. They have sufficient power and don’t emit any exhaust. This is good for restricted spaces with less ventilation. The noise level is also lower with electric units.

Professionals know and observe these power washing cautions. If you choose to have a pro do your power washing either inside or outside, keep Elite Pressure Washing at 603-828-8299 in mind. They are trained and experienced in pressure washing just about anything around your home. Call today.