Power Washing Your Home

Fall is a good time to think about power washing your home. The cool, crisp days will bring falling leaves and an accumulation of dirt and other things that can lead to your home looking the worse for wear.

Power washing your home will not only leave it looking newer and more attractive, but will also protect it. A clean exterior will lead to longer life for your home.

Removing the accumulated dirt and debris from summer’s storms and wind will preserve your brick, wood, and siding exterior. Keeping your outside clean is an important part of the upkeep of your home.

The snows and winds of winter will bring with them a significant amount of dirt and dead leaves. Power washing your home now will decrease the effect of these winter storms. No need to let everything brought in by winter storms accumulate on top of what is already there.

Something you might not consider is power washing your driveway and any sidewalks. Through the summer months, these surfaces get a lot of use. Cleaning them thoroughly now will make it easier to keep them looking good next spring and summer.

Porches, patios, and decks also get a lot of use in the summer. Power washing your home and being sure to include these parts of it will decrease wear and tear on these surfaces through the winter. Once again, accumulations of snow and ice during the winter will bring their own contaminants to pile up on these surfaces. Cleaning them now will make them easier to keep clean next spring.

Your roof is an important part to include when power washing your home. Moss, mildew, and algae grow on your roof through the summer. Cleaning the roof now will increase its insulating ability and get rid of these things that would hold the dirt and debris that will come with winter storms.

Include your gutters when power washing your home. During fall, leaves and twigs will accumulate in your gutters, making them much less efficient in draining water off your roof. If the leaves and twigs are left in your gutters, the water from rain or melting snow from your roof will overflow, possibly damaging the wood of your roof and maybe even getting into your home.

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