Why Power Washing?

One thing most homeowners don’t consider when thinking about how to keep their homes looking good is power washing. We all think about keeping the lawn trimmed, flower beds full of color, cleaning gutters, and painting. But we don’t often think about sidewalks, driveways, and brick facades.

Power washing those three areas of the house will make a tremendous difference in curb appeal. And there are other reasons to consider power washing the exterior of your home.

One reason is to possibly improve your family’s health. Given enough time, mold and mildew that form on the outside of nearly every house can gradually make it into your home. This may increase how often your family suffers from allergies and how bad they get.

Another reason for power washing your home has to do with driveways and sidewalks. Mold spores that collect on these surfaces can be tracked into your home and increase allergic responses in your family. Cleaning these areas also adds to the beauty of your home. Curb appeal can actually add value to your home when you decide to sell or rent it. And the neighbors will appreciate you keeping your home looking good outside.

It’s cheaper to power wash than to replace things on your home. Many people think first of replacing anything around the exterior of the house when it starts to look worn or old. However, power washing those same parts of your home may restore them to like new appearance. Algae, mold, and mildew can build up and make your home look in worse shape than it actually is.

The build-up of mold and algae can also harm your roof shingles. Power washing the roof can add years to its life and save you money in the long term.

Washing the sidewalks and driveways can also improve the safety of the outside of your home. The buildup of oil and dirt on these surfaces can become slippery under the right conditions. Removing this buildup by power washing will remove this danger and maybe save you a great amount of trouble that having someone slip and fall at your home can bring.

All building materials, brick, wood, and siding, will expand and contract depending on weather conditions. So if you live in an area with varying seasons, you may have this going on in your home. Dirt, mold, and mildew can collect in the small areas created by this expanding and contracting. Power washing will remove them and restore your home’s exterior good looks.

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